Recollections of Jane Levy Troy (1948-1954)

Alliquippa around 1950 wasn't at all like "Dirty Dancing". It was small, we were mostly young, we didn't have activities per se. We took care of the place in the mornings and then had to be out, whether at the beach or the dock or sailing, or climbing the mountain to Seawall. We were barefoot all summer long, including at our Saturday night dance. Of course, there were family among the adults and some of the counselors, and in my last years there as a camper, my mother Ethel Levy was the camp nurse (1952-1954, my father had just died). Some parents did come to visit, but it was rare.

My mother was there the three summers (as best I remember), which made it possible for Sal and me to be there. My sister and I would talk to our parents on the phone once a week. The Vogels came -- is Ted Vogel a son of Robert? -- I remember, even after Ned got ill.

I forgot to mention picking blueberries and digging clams. My friend Judy Kenigson (Gilbert) played classical music on the old piano in the ping pong room, Philip Glass would be there, too.

I think Robert (Bobby?) became an architect. There are pictures of him on the site with the unbelievably handsome (and nice) Dan Peacock. I went to Goucher College with Robert's sister Gretchen. She went to Alliquippa too, but we haven't been in touch.

I was born and raised in Baltimore. Not sure how my parents found out about Alliquippa, but I had a cousin at Park -- where Mott Hunt was -- and Friends School (Junie and Larry Peacock). I've lived in New York City now for 52 years.

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