Apparently, my parents kept some letters and postcards that I sent to them when I first went to camp as a soon-to-be 10-year o

Letters Home


This section of the website owes its debut to Matt McElroy ('71-72, '77), who typed up a batch of letters and postcards that his parents saved.  “My folks just gave them back to me and I thought some of them were pretty funny,” writes Matt. “Here they are, spelling mistakes and all.”



(First postcard, 1971)


Dear Mom,

     I don't like it here.  I have 3 terrible roommates.  They hate me and want to rebel against their bedtimes, their rooms & against Mr. Wallace's rules.  I want to get out of here fast.

 Love, Matt


* * *


July 5, 1971


Dear Mom,

     Everything is better.  Our councillor talked to the other boys.  He told them they should not treat me badly because I'm a new kid.  I still want to come home because I'm homesick and think the days are too long.  I wish I had to stay only one month.

     I caught my first fish on Saturday.  It was a Sea Robin.  We had to throw it back because it wasn't too good to eat.  They call it a blister bougy up here.  The fishing councillor is a nice person.

     I past the swimming test we had to have.  I'm in swimmers.  The test I mentioned was done by everybody.

     Everybody went on a hike on Sunday.  On the way back Dick (Mr. Wallace) and I found a gun that shoots blanks.

     I wish I could come back to Vienna but you've already paid for two months.

 Love, Matt


P.S.  Keep the stamps


* * *


July 18, 1971


Dear Mom + Dad,

     I know I'll have a fun time in Canada.  We got tiny back-packs but I don't care.

     I went to Rockland yesterday.  We saw Ted's (Ted is the 2nd boss) ship.  It was a destroyer.  It's number was 705 and its name was the U.S.S. "Comton".  It supported the troops in W.W. II.  It is armed with six inch guns, torpedoes, depth charges and "hedgehogs".

     In swimming I'm okay.  I'm one of the fishy campers.  I know how to ride waves.  There are alot of big waves up here.

     There are lots of craft up here.  I'll name the water craft.  Sailing boats, row boats, motor and a canoe.

Love, Matt


P.S.  Save the stamp again


* * *


Dear Mom + Dad,


     I have been doing alot of things.  I have been sailing, swimming, taking snap shots ect.

     I've been taking pictures.  I've taken 7 pictures.  I got 1 picture of a sunken ship.  The hull is buried by sand.  I got 3 pictures of councillors too.

     I went sailing once on the "Dirty Dan" (a small 10 ft. boat) and the skipper and I made up a story.  My two favorite skipper's names are Dana and Art.

     I’ve been swimming alot lately too.  I've been riding waves and other things.  When I write Michelle I am going to say that I'm not afraid to dive into a big wave.

     I've started a collection of beer cans.  Oh mom don't forget about the model of a Stuka.  I really don't care what kind of an airplane it is.  But I don't want it to be a jet.

Love, Matt


P.S.  Save the stamp

* * *


(After trips to Canada and Monhegan Island)


August 8, 1971


Dear Mom + Dad,

     Sorry I haven't written in a long time.  The reason is because I'm dead low on stamps.

     Anyhow about the Canada trip.  It was alot of fun.  On the first night it rained.  I slept under the picnic table.  Then I went under the car.  The next day we went into the city of Quebec.  There we went to see a fortress which is now a prison.  We also went down town into a wax museum.  We ate lunch there too.  When we got back we had dinner.  It rained that night again.  This time I slept under the car.  That morning we hiked up a small mountain.  It was a 3 hour hike.  When we got back we ate lunch and then rested.  After that, I went swimming.  That night everyone slept in the car and in the shelter.  They all thought it was going to rain.  That is almost everyone.  I didn't.  I slept under the car again.  It didn't rain.  The next day we went back to camp.

     When we got back Dick told us it was only $25.00.  So we got 5 more dollars in the bank. 

     On Thursday I went on an overnight.  It didn't cost anything.  I sailed on the "Alaric."  Our skipper was Beth Peacock.  One of the other campers on the boat was Nate Leonard.  He is one of my best friends.  His two big brothers are some of the best skippers in camp.  We spent the night on Damariscove Island.  It was real fun.

     Yesterday, we hiked to a store called Hagerthy's.  On the way back I bet a piece of 3 musketeers and felt a loose tooth about 5 minutes later.  I pulled it out.

 Love, Matt

* * *



(Upon returning from a hike on the Appalachian Trail)


Dear Mom & Dad,

    Just got home today and had lots of fun on the trip.

    On the first day we walked 2 miles, second over 12, third 2, and the fourth over 5.  In all about 25.  It was hard up hill and with packs, but fun.  We climbed 5 mountains and a very steep ridge (It was two miles at a steep angle and took us 4 hours to climb it.).

    We slept well and it was great.  The food was good considering it was freeze-dried.

    Don was neat.  I really like him.  He's neat.  He's my favorite counsler.

    Art Lorhman's boat is probably the best boat and has the best set of skippers (2nd best boat on Smll Point).  Dana, Nate and I beat him today sailing.

 Oh well, Best Wishes, Matt

* * *


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