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ADAMS, Sam ('73-75): Sam lives in Weston, Connecticut with his wife Kelly and son Nicholas. For a full report from Sam (as of January 2006), click here.

ANDERSON, Chuck ('76-77): Chuck lives in Falls Church, VA with his wife Jennifer, daughter Rachel and son Parker. Since leaving Alliquippa at age 13, Chuck's life has consisted of the following: junior and senior high school, four years at Yale, five years as a news reporter in Connecticut and D.C., then a move into environmental advocacy, first with the Nature Conservancy and then the Land Trust Alliance. He currently works on "smart growth" issues at the Brookings Institution. (Photo)

ANDERSON, Marc ('75-76): After spending much of his adult life overseas, in Denmark, Marc has returned to the States and lives in Portland, Maine, with his sister and two amazing nephews.

BELCHER, Sarah ('80-82): Now Sarah Belcher Peters, she lives on Cape Cod with her husband Don and sons Tim and Charlie. Don is an engineer at the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution and Sarah is a sculptor, working mostly in bronze with a focus on public works. Learn more at

BLUMENFELD, Larry ('77?): Larry graduated from the University of Rochester, spent 10 years in Houston before moving to New York in 2000, where he works on the commodity exchange.

BROOMELL, Sara (Wallace)('72-82): Sara and her husband Brian live in Maryland, where Sara teaches kindergarten at Downtown Baltimore Child Care. She is working toward a Master's in Human Development through Pacific Oaks College's distance learning program. She writes that her "experience at Alliquippa plays a huge role in the way that I teach and the kind of setting I chose to work in." She and Brian have returned to the Small Point area many times and spent some "very Alliquippa style days on Seawall" with her father Dick.

BUCK, Hanna (Crowley) ('76-'78). Hanna Lives in Princeton, NJ with her husband Dave and three children. Hanna owns and runs an educational consulting service, Helene Reynolds and Associates,, specializing in working with families in crisis facilitating placement into private residential treatment centers. Hanna's mother and father, Helene and Jack Reynolds were very involved in Alliquippa (Helene was the cook one summer when the stove blew up - no harm done). Hanna graduated from Thomas Edison State College with a BA in Psychology and is currently applying for graduate school in counseling.  (Family Photo)

BUTLER, Andrea (Freudenberger)('79-82): Andrea lives in Brooklyn with her two children Sylvie (4.5) and Henry (2). "I am now a lawyer practicing securities, antitrust and general litigation in New York, hard as it is to believe," she writes. "My sister (Erica Freudenberger) lives in upstate New York, and is the Editor of the Saugerties Times. Until a few summers ago, our family was lucky enough to still spend part of every summer in Small Point, renting the St. John's house on Seawall Beach at Morse Mountain. Sadly, the family stopped renting the house, and my kids have missed out on the Seawall experience to date." (April 2006)

CALNAN, Rich ('67-69): Since Alliquippa, Rich studied Forestry at UNH and Berkeley. Over the years he has lived in a lot of places, including the Cascades, the Appalachians, and the Himalayas. He has made a living doing international work for the federal government, including Peace Corps, Forest Service and the US Geological Survey. Rich and his wife Rita now live in Rockport, MA where he is starting to sail again, thanks to those early lessons from Art and Matey at Alliquippa. Two grown children are currently loving life in Boulder (Matt) and Romania (Shannon). They try to visit the Bath/Brunswick area about once each year and the occasional trip to Small Point, Sebasco Estates and the "trek" across Morse Mountain are the highlights.

CARLISLE, Bruce (’66-68, ’70-74): Bruce graduated from St. Lawrence University in 1978 and went into advertising, public relations, and most recently Internet communications. He lived for 13 years in Manhattan and 4 years in DC before moving to San Francisco in 1995. Today, he is CEO of an interactive advertising agency he founded called SF Interactive. Bruce lives in the Pacific Heights section of San Francisco with his second wife Dorian and their son, Andrew. He still spends a couple weeks every summer in Maine, one penninsula north of Small Point on Georgetown Island.

CARLISLE, Julia (’69-71): Julia lives in Vermont, where she writes for the local weekly newspaper, the Vermont Standard. She has also worked as a ski reporter and public relations director for Killington Resort. For many years, the Carlisle family (including Alliquippa alums Susan Goodman Carlisle (mother) and Bruce Carlisle (brother) maintained a home near Reid State Park at Five Islands, “so from time to time we have had the opportunity to check out Alliquippa and visit Hermit Island with memories of the Bald Head hike,” writes Julia. Susan Goodman passed away in 2000.

COHEN, Andy ('71-73): Andy lives in Baltimore City with his wife Dawn and daughter Caroline. He is a developer of affordable housing throughout the U.S. for The Enterprise Social Investment Corp, a group founded by Jim and Patty Rouse of the Rouse Company. Thirty years after his time at Alliquippa, "I think about the experience at least weekly," he writes.

DAVIS, Andy (’69-73,80,81): Andy has been living in Chicago for the last twenty plus years. He is divorced and has two great kids, Nathaniel and Julia. Nathaniel is a big sailor like his father and races on Lake Michigan. Andy works in the securities trading business on LaSalle Street. He has remained in touch with a handful of Alliquippians over the years, including the MacKays and Massels.

EISNER, Mark ('73-80): Mark lives in Carroll County, MD with his wife Susan, daughter Pamela, and son Steven. After receiving a BS and MS in Geology from the University of Maryland and Delaware, respectively, Mark worked for the State of Maryland for four years, then privately since as an environmental consultant. Since 1998 he has owned and operated his own consulting business, Advanced Land and Water, Inc., (, specializing in groundwater resources exploration, development and permitting. Susan, an attorney, is Mark's business partner. They were married in 1991. (Photo)

ERNST, Alison ('77): Alison lives in the wilds of Western Massachusetts, a few miles from both New Hampshire and Vermont, with her daughter Faith. After attending Hampshire College in Amherst, Alison earned a Masters of Library Science with an Archives Concentration from Simmons College in Boston, and worked as a public librarian before becoming Director of Academic Resources at The Northfield Mount Hermon School ( In October 2004, Alison married James Mumby in the Popham Chapel, the morning after a lobster feast at Spinney's. Extended family and friends stayed at Sebasco estates, where the reception was held followed by candle pin bowling, pool and airhockey in the Quarterdeck.

FRIEDMAN, Mary Anne (Peacock) ('79-82): The youngest of the Peacock daughters to spend summers at Alliquippa, Mary Anne was married in 1992 to Brendon Friedman. They live in Montgomery County, Maryland with their two sons, Taylor and Ben, and daughter Maeve. Mary Anne writes that she is "very fortunate to still be able to spend some of each summer in Small Point at my family's spot down the beach from the Alliquippa. However, I often wonder about all of the friends I made there and what they are doing now."

GLOUCHEVITCH, Philip ('69,71,73): Philip lives with his wife, Laura Byrne, and their two sons, Cameron and Adrian, in Hanover NH, where he works as a freelance translator. After graduating from Colby College in Waterville, Maine and the Institut d'Etudes Politiques in Paris, he worked at Forbes magazine, wrote a book on German business and was an editor at a local daily newspaper near Hanover. In the winter, he and the boys like to ski, while Laura prefers hockey. In the summer, they all occasionally visit Small Point, where the family patiently puts up with Philip's stories about the good old days and this wonderful camp called Alliquippa.

GORDON, Louis ('76-77): Louis graduated from the University of Virginia in 1988 and received his masters in business at Ben Gurion University in Israel in 1991. He is currently the product marketing manager at Allot Communications, a datacom firm just outside of Tel Aviv. He has lived in Israel since 1990 and currently resides in Ramat Bet Shemesh with his wife Michelle and two sons, Yishai and Matan. Ramat Bet Shemesh is in the Judean foothills, midway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. (Photos)

GRANT, Jane ('69-73): Jane graduated from Clark University in Worcester, MA in 1980. She lived in NYC for 13 years enjoying a career in sales and advertising with The New York Times, TV Guide and Premiere Magazine, then spent five years with ABC Television in affiliate relations. In 1998, she returned to Worcester to be with her second husband, Michael Allard-Madaus, a self-employed attorney and real estate developer. She currently is Events Manager for Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI). Jane and Michael were married at her sister's Grand Cayman home in 1999 and have two miniature dachshunds named Doppler and Diesel. They frequently visit with Nick Sadovnikoff and his family and have vacationed with them as well as with Marty Peacock and husband Leo. Jane and Michael enjoyed a brief visit to Small Point in the summer of 2002 and plan to make it an annual trip. She writes that “The Alliquippa ‘experience’ played an integral role in shaping the person I am today and it will always be the most treasured place on this earth.”

GREEN, Nancy (MacKay)('75-77, '80): Based in Marin County, CA, Nancy and her husband Bart have four children (Dylan, Kate, Ben and Lily). The family spends time in Sun Valley, ID and returns to Maine most summers to a place they own on Deer Isle, three hours up the coast from Small Point. Nancy graduated from UC Berkeley in 1983, then worked for Gap, Inc. for 16 years before leaving to devote more time to her family. “Eventually I'll do something entrepreneurial, either on my own or with an established company,” she writes. “Meanwhile, I'm having a great time focusing on the most important thing in my life, my family.”

GREENEBAUM, Nancy ('71-75): Nancy lives in Owings Mills, MD with her husband Noel Levy and their Moluccan Cockatoo, Lancelot. After graduating Syracuse U with a BS in Textiles, Nancy lived in Philadelphia for 10 years, working in the apparel industry. After a brief marriage and relocation to Richmond, she returned to Baltimore, where she started her own manufacturing business, avant-garB, a unique line of coordinated childrens' sportswear. Nancy now works as a head hunter for actuaries in the international insurance field and capital markets area.

GREENWALD, Bruce ('70-75): "I left camp in 75 and my parents moved to Cleveland in 76, when I began college at Ithaca College in upstate NY. I met my wife Rona there and we have now been married 27 years. I graduated with an economics degree and received an MBA from Case Western University in Cleveland. I began a career in banking that took me to the financial markets where I became a currency trader for 20 years. Most of my time was spent trading for large banks but 7 years were spent trading currencies and oil for British Petroleum. (I actually ran into Andy Davis when as a futures trader his company called on me at BP). We were very lucky to live both in London and Sydney at a young age. My wife Rona is in the radio business and is General Sales Manager for a radio station in Cleveland. In 1999 I left the trading business and became a financial advisor and am now a partner in a wealth management group at Morgan Stanley in Cleveland. We have spent most of our time living in Cleveland (Shaker Heights) since 1980 although we have done a couple stints in New York along with overseas. I have two boys, 24 and 21. My oldest graduated from University of Pennsylvania and currently is finishing his second year at Teach for America. My younger son is a junior at Emory University.

HAMBURGER, Margie ('68-72,75,78): Margie and her husband Jim Hampton live with their three daughters in Mt. Laurel, NJ, near Philadelphia. Margie graduated from Emory University in 1980, worked for two years in Atlanta, then spent three years in the Air Force stationed in Albuquerque. Later, as a Flight Nurse in the Reserves, her unit was activated during the first Gulf War, which sent her to Saudi Arabia. She continues to work as a nurse, currently as part of the Transport Team at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. Jim is a pilot with Delta Air Lines. Margie is also, in her words, "a Girl Scout Leader, soccer mom, basketball mom and karate mom." She adds, "all in all, those seven summers that I spent at camp shaped my life tremendously."

HOLCOMB, Beth (Peacock) ('60-74): "I now live in Venice, Florida and work at the high school with at-risk students in dropout prevention. I travel to Maine every summer with my husband, Bryan Holcomb. We stay on my parents' property which is only a few hundred yards from the Alliquippa and the view from our deck is of Goose Rock, the sailboats, Wood Island, and beautiful Casco Bay. My children are Shirah, Ali, Aaron, and Nathan. Some or all usually accompany us to Maine. I also have 3 step kids. The youngest, Christopher, especially loves Maine. Our summer days in Small Point include many of the same activities that Alliquippians used to enjoy. We hike over the mountain to Seawall almost every morning. We race our sailboat, we fish (there aren't many flounder left), we dig clams, bail boats, eat lobster, make ourselves jump in the icy water, scratch mosquito bites, sniff the pine tree-filled air, and sometimes even have a treasure hunt with my sister Peggy helping to come up with clues, and we watch the sunset." (Feb. 2006)

HOLLANDER, Lisa (Blumenfeld) ('76-77?): Lisa is a psychiatrist in Baltimore where she lives with her husband Louis and their four children. She studied at the University of Pennsylvania and University of Maryland medical school.

HUNT, Lisa (Halle) ('66-71): Lisa lives in Fairfax, CA, in Marin County (just north of San Francisco) with her husband, John Hunt. After working in the corporate world for over 20 years, Lisa started her own internet retail business to sell european cycling clothing online. See (May 2007)

KAMPHAUSEN, Ronnie (Peacock)('41-'57): Ronnie and her husband Karl split their time between coastal Maine and the hills of Northwestern Connecticut. During the summer she works as a naturalist at Hermit Island, leading walks and giving talks on the sealife and natural history of the area. Ronnie and Karl own property in West Point, directly across from the Alliquippa site, and enjoy sailing the "Blue Wing," a Small Pointer. Ronnie is an All-Star swimmer who competes regularly in the Masters league, and has held national and world records for various distances. Her mother June Peacock was one of the owners of the camp along with Mott and the Varians, and helped Mott at the camp for a number of years. (Photo of Ronnie)

KELLER, Pamela Tenner ('78-82): I think I was at Alliquippa from 1978 to 1982. My dad and uncle also were there in the 40's! I went to Oberlin College and studied Environmental Studies and then went on to sail on tall ships for 10 years. I was the captain of the Lady Maryland until my son was born in 1997. I have frequently returned to Maine and visited Alliquippa by boat. I was pleased to see the Bluenose on her mooring the last time I visited. My dad celebrated his 70th birthday at Sebasco Estates where I had frequent ice cream stand flashbacks! I now live in Anne Arundel County in Maryland raising kids and lots of chickens.

KIMMELL, Chris ('75-76): Chris graduated from Penn State, moved to NYC, then Paris, then back to New York, where he taught mathematics. He moved with his wife to Annville, PA (near Hershey) in the late '90s. He now teaches and coaches in Pennsylvania Dutch country.

KHOURI-GALLEGOS, Jennifer (Cobb) (early 60's): I have very fond memories of Alliquippa in the early 60's, don't remember the exact years. I often think about the wonderful time I spent there and wonder about the friends I made there, so thank you for this site. Now I live in Vermont, near Montpelier, far away from the ocean which I try to visit at least once a summer. Occasionally I meet someone who knows about Popham beach and I tell them about my childhood experiences there and about Alliquippa. I am now retired from 27 years of state service, raised four children with my first husband, am now married to a man from LA, and together we enjoy bicycling, boating in canoes and rowing shells and cross country skiing on our own trails.

LEVY, Gail (Blumenfeld) ('76-78, '80-82): Gail and her husband Dan live in Los Angeles, where she is the Director of Channel Marketing for Munchkin, Inc., a manufacturer of baby products located in Van Nuys. Gail received her BA in English from Union College in Schenectady, NY.

LIEBERMAN, Elias ("Jack")('65-69): Elias serves as the rabbi of the Falmouth Jewish Congregation (a Reform congregation of 385 households on beautiful Cape Cod), where he has been since 1990. He is married to Lori (Feldman) Lieberman and has two children. Elias is a '71 graduate of Friends School, attended Vassar College ('75) and Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion ('84.)

MALLONEE, Charles ("Dubby")(‘51-52): Dubby and his wife Barbara are both academics, he at the Community College of Baltimore County, Essex Campus, where he has taught data processing and information systems since 1971, and she at Loyola College, a communications professor. Dubby has also been a systems engineer and marketing representative at IBM and Lever Brothers, an Airborne Ranger infantry officer, and a teacher of math and English at Park School, Friends School, and Catonsville High and Polytechnic. On the side he referees soccer, basketball and lacrosse games on the club, college, high school, and recreational levels. Dubby and Barbara have three children and a grandchild.

MASSEL, Kathy ('75-78): After receiving her BFA from The Rhode Island School of Design, with further studies in Switzerland at the Basel School of Design, Kathy lived in Stamford Connecticut until '94 while working for several agencies & design firms. She now lives in Chicago & runs her own small design firm, DZYN, LLC. Due to her love of sailing, which she attributes to her years at Alliquippa, Kathy has picked it back up again & crews on a Tartan 10, which is one of the largest One-Design fleets among the Great Lakes. She wishes her yellow lab could do foredeck. (Photos)

MASSEL, Suzanne ('77-82): Suzanne lives in Chicago with her husband, Howard Meyer, and their son, Joshua Edward Meyer (born April, 2002). She attended Tufts University and Oxford University as an undergraduate, and was graduated from Washington University School of Law in St. Louis in 1992. She practices law in Chicago and concentrates in aviation and commercial litigation. Aside from her family, Alliquippa has been the strongest influence in her life. "No single experience has yet to compare to the camaraderie, communal nature, humor, beauty and adventure that Alliquippa provided," she writes, adding that she hopes "to find a camp as special as Alliquippa for her children some day - although it will be hard to duplicate." Suzanne remains in close contact with Sandy and Nancy Mackay, Mardy and Andy Davis, and Jeff Stoessl. (Photo)

MELLO, Phil ('81-82): Married for thirteen years with two kids, wife’s is Carolyn, daughter Emma is 11 and my son Riley is 7. We live in Atlanta and I work for a small consulting company specializing in software and analysis work for product manufacturers and designers – (Photo)

MOORE, Annie (Cobb) ('51-55): Annie lives in central Massachusetts in a house her parents-in-law built in 1940 and where her husband Dennis grew up. She and Dennis have three children in their 40's; they spend summers in Port Clyde. Annie plans to attend her 50th reunion at Smith next month (May, 2010); she retired in 2002 after 20 years as a rare book cataloguer at a research library in Worcester, Mass. They lived in England for four years when their children were small. She now enjoys tennis, bicycling, yoga, gardening, and speaking French whenever she has the chance. Her brother Obie Cobb told her of the Alliquippa site and her sister Jenny has posted here. She would love to hear from any and all of her contemporaries.

SADOVNIKOFF, Laura ('69-71): Laura and husband Andy Blackadar live in Rhode Island with their three children, Adrian, Natasha and Niall. A graduate of Brown University, Laura returned to Providence in the mid-1990s, where she runs the Watson International Scholars of the Environment program at Brown, which provides training to environmentalists from developing countries. Before her current position at Brown (where Andy also works), Laura led educational trips to Russia and was a dean of students in Vermont. The couple, married in 1988, has also lived in Sao Paulo Brazil and New York City. (Photo)

SCHAFFER, Natalie ('72-74?): I now live in Taylor Lake Village, Texas. I married a boy I met in high school but didn’t start dating until we re-met at Johns Hopkins after undergraduate school. We have two boys Benjamin (23) and Jonathan (almost 20). I have been the Mayor of Taylor Lake Village for 10 years. We survived Hurricanes Rita and Ike and the city is doing very well. I’m proud to say our tax rate is lower than it was in 1984 and we are debt free! Our city is surrounded on three sides by tidally influenced lakes. We fish, water ski, and have a wonderful time in our backyard. When we are not bogged down at work, it’s like a warmer Alliquippa - instead of lobster we have blue crabs…instead of clams we have shrimp- but we boat, ski, swim and sail. Our community has an open party the first Friday of every month. Someone opens their home, an e-mail is sent to the ever growing list and we all gather, bringing our own drinks and something to share to eat. I highly recommend it.

SCHLESSINGER, Joe ('59): Joe and his wife Elisabeth live in Berkeley and have three grown children. He is an engineer in Silicon Valley.

SERWER, Andrew ('72-74): Living in Manhattan with his wife and two daughters, Andrew is a journalist with Fortune Magazine, where he has worked since the mid-1980s. He also appears on CNN and has been a guest on E!, VH1 and other TV shows. Andrew's family meets every year at a house they own in Georgetown, near Small Point. "I talk about Alliquippa all the time with Bruce [Carlisle], and sometimes with Jeannie Blaustein," he writes. "It's amazing how Alliquippa still resonates."

SIROTA, Brett ('77-81): Brett's place in Alliquippa lore was secured when, in 1978, he fell off of whale rock and fractured his skull. Despite this, he continued on at Alliquippa for another three summers. Brett lives in New York City with his wife Roberta and his two children Melanie and Henry. He owns and manages his own business, The Road Company, a theatrical booking agency that routes and contracts national tours of musicals and plays.

SOLLINGER, Debbie (Gordon) ('76-78, '81): Debbie and her husband reside in New York City, where Debbie is a CSW currently working as a fundraiser for the American Committee for the Weizmann Institute of Science. She studied at the University of Texas as an undergrad and received her MSW at Yeshiva University. Her husband runs a summer camp in Maine.

STOESSL, Jeff ('79-81?): Jeff lives in Salem, Oregon (just south of Portland) with his wife, Sally Hennessey, and daughter, Guinevere. He works as a family doctor, having moved west in 1995 after studying at Duke and the University of Virginia med school. "All the best decisions in my life," he writes, "from becoming a physician to learning to surf in the freezing waters off Oregon's coastline, were results of the time I spent in the company of the most amazing community of people I imagine I'll ever know at Alliquippa."

VARIAN, Jessie, Katie, Anna, Julie, Bob, Rink, and Jane (from Jane Varian Davenport): Jessie lives in Dot Varian's house (our grandmother). She ran a restaurant for 20 years-sold it to Anna- and is now director of West Bath School Cafeteria. She discovered her love of cooking at Alliquippa and always wanted to be the camp cook. At the school she knows every child's name and how to tempt them into eating something healthy by offering them choices they will like. She even got reprimanded once for giving kids too many choices, she should make them conform to standard fare! She is married to Doug Sutfin, a stone mason, and has no children.

Katie lives in Bremen, about 45 minutes north. She runs a financial business, lives with her significant other George, and has no children. She sits on the board of the Portland Fish Exchange (google it). She enjoys kayaking, her dogs, hiking, travel, theater, and anything that intrigues her. Kate, Jess and Julie at Sebasco Wharf email

Anna is recently divorced, one boy (8 ), and lives in town. She owns the Water's Edge Restaurant, summer season operation. In the winter she runs the banquet operations for Bowdoin College. She is currently having a house built and juggling many many mama duties. Lucky she's a born organizer! She loves the sun and anything to do with nature, good friends, etc.

Julie reminds me of Mott in that she enjoys flying in the face of convention. She lives by Jessie, divorced, no kids. She says "I want to be the rich old aunt that gives the good Christmas presents" She runs a landscaping business, a bait business, is an artist, and dabbles in many other things. She calls herself a vagabond and 50 years ago would have been considered Bohemian. She is everybody's best friend, knows everyone's stories, and yet manages to remain a very private person.

Bob (the oldest of us) owns a lobster boat, married, 3 kids, 6 grand-kids, and lives in town. He supplies Anna's restaurant with lobsters and sells the overage to West Point. So I eat lobster rather frequently!

Rink (the youngest of us) has a lobster boat, a commercial fishing boat, and runs a construction business. He is married, 2 girls ( 9 +7), and lives on the water by my parents.

Guess I better add me. Married; one son just graduated HS-attending Goucher college; recreation therapist (another branch like physical or occupatonal therapy), sometimes high school substitute teacher; love outdoors any season, travel, theatre, treasure hunting :-), and just about everything. My son even collects choice rocks to delight the bridge troll when we go to Seawall. He figures that the troll must be bored of the same old stones. The caretakers must wonder where all those stones come from that fill up the culvert!

WALLACE, Dick (Camp Director '66-82; Mott's assistant '58-65): Dick Wallace could really use nice notes of encouragement, love, and appreciation because he has entered assisted living at a senior community in Maine. Sara Wallace, his daughter, would like everyone to know that "...his physical health is great, the doctors said that he was one of the healthiest 78 y.o. guys they'd seen! Unfortunately he suffers from short term memory loss, and confusion which seems to be progressing somewhat rapidly. Dick really appreciates your calls and cards. He is slowly adjusting to his new home and really needs those bright spots in his days, so keep them coming. It's been a HUGE help everyone!" (November, 2009)

You can send notes to:
Richard A. Wallace
The Highlands
Cadigan Lodge
54 Governors Way
Topsham, Maine 04086
(current as of July, 2011)

WALLACE, Rich ('69-82): Rich lives in Del Mar, California (a small beach town just north of San Diego), where he works as a tournament coordinator for the Torrey Pines Golf Course. A 1996 graduate of Towson State, Rich spent six summers in Vail, Colorado as a class 1V white water raft guide on the Eagle, Arkansas, and Colorado Rivers. “My experiences fighting high tide crossing the Morse River en route to Seawall undoubtedly gave me a taste for it,” he writes. Rich often vacations n Small Point, where he rents a house about a mile past Chandler's on the way to the famous Bald Head.

WEIN, Terri (Blumenfeld) ('75-77): Terri attended the University of Pennsylvania and Wharton before spending 12 years on Wall Street in investment banking and derivative bond trading. She married her college sweetheart, Evan Wein, in 1988. Terri and Evan have four children and live in Purchase, NY (Westchester County). Terri is a full-time mom.

WOLFF, Milo ('54-58): A retired physicist still working hard, Milo lives in Manhattan Beach, California. His career has included stints at MIT, Aerospace Corporation, the United Nations, and teaching posts at various universities in the U.S. and Asia. He is the author of the book, "Exploring the Physics of the Unknown Universe," ( charges $15 but Milo will sell it to Alliquippians for $5) and maintains a website devoted to "learning, discussion, and further discovery of the fundamental structure of physical matter and the cosmos," at

ZARTMAN, Mary ('73-76): Mary writes: "I ran away to San Francisco in 1984, after a dramatic but unsuccessful college career, to become interesting. When I was done, I moved up to Portland, Oregon where I've been boring and much nicer (I hope) since 1988. I have a son who is fifteen, and when I take him to summer camp I am once again reminded of how much love and learning I was lucky to receive at Alliquippa. I work at Powell's Books in the children's book department where I've been for fourteen years. I remarried and am happily doing yoga, commuting by bike, and gardening. God bless Dick & Dot."

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