Annie Cobb

Annie Cobb (now Mrs. Dennis Moore) enjoyed Camp Alliquippa during the summers of 1951-1955. She shares these warm memories.

The very name Alliquippa evokes some of my happiest memories - what a magical place it was, and how much I learned from all you sophisticated Park School kids! I remember being there with Peggy Goodman, Carley Blumenthal, Sally Levy, Judy Kuznets, Marnie and Frannie Friedman, Ronnie and Dan Peacock, and Junie, Punky Ives, John Sondheim, Dubby Mallonee (sp?), i.e, Charles Gardiner Mallonee III, Mickey Varian and Mary, and Dot. Counsellors those years included Paul Mankin (through whose offices I spent the summer of 1956 in Paris with a Yale program, bringing to a close the halcyon Alliquippa phase of my life), and Milo and Dick Wolff.; Vera and Freddie Vogel and their dachshund Schatzie came every summer - dazzlingly continental, I thought.

I often quote Grannie Hunt, who would say indignantly when urged to finish up the last of the salad in the bowl, " I am not a slop pail." I think of Mott every time I make vegetable soup, and remember her sitting on her high stool in the kitchen, enjoying a cigarette and her evening drink (how times have changed! - she'd have the law down on her today).

Here's to happy reminiscing!

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