Chuck Anderson

(Chuck was 11 when he spent the first of two summers at camp, 1976-77.)

*Running at night with Art Lohrmann three miles down an unlit country lane to find a Treasure Hunt clue.

*Rowing to the Red Nun to find another Treasure Hunt clue.

*Collecting lobster pot rings, and wearing them around our necks.

* Bert Flower teaching sailing knots and discussing the virtues of stainable steel and wool clothes while at sea (dries from the inside out).

*Getting to be first on line for Sunday dinner if your room took first prize in inspection.


*Ghost stories - especially the one about the people who lived in the "dump" across the road.

*Being too scared to sleep after ghost stories, until about eight of us gathered in one room with sleeping bags.

*My first slow dancing (usually to "Stairway to Heaven").

*The charts that kept track of fish caught & miles hiked.

* Mother Monica's burnt chili.

*Burning the garbage at the base of the big rock.

*Pulling up flounder lines and praying there wouldn't be a big ugly skate on the hook.

*The way the spring water tasted that was stored on the back porch, and the named paper cups hanging on nails.

*Scooping water out of the various boats under sail, using cut-up plastic jugs.

*Endless peanut butter sandwiches after meals, in case you hadn't eaten enough.

*A couple of insane dogs from next door who would fetch anything, anywhere.

*Dick Wallace's oft-repeated promise that if you rowed across the bay every day, "you'd have ahms like a football player."

*Hanging out in the vic room listening to Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Wonder's "Songs in the Key of Life" album.

*A camping trip to Mount Katahdin, cut short by a massive forest fire.

*Diney Hamburger's headband, Baltimore Colts jacket and drumsticks.

*Evan Zemil's "buhubbah."

*Pots and pans duty on dish shift #4.

*Fourth of July 1976, and the chagrin of being too young to join the older campers in Bath for fireworks.

*Fourth of July 1976, and how Ted Vogel saved the day for me and the others under 12, by taking us for a late night ride in the jeep with no headlights.

*Waking to the sound of Richie Wallace running amok through the house ringing the wakeup bell.

* Dick Wallace's breakfast announcements, read from a clipboard as he stood in the doorway.

*Ted Vogel's fascination with the group Earth Wind and Fire.

* The day I first saw Alliquippa in 1975, when I arrived with my family to pick up my brother Marc at the end of the summer. His first words upon greeting us were: "Can I come back next summer?"

*The day my grandparents came to get me at the end of camp in 1977, and how awful it felt to drive away, in stoney silence.

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