Ellen Katz Moore

Ellen Katz Moore was at Alliquippa during the summers of 1956-1958. The website brought back these memories.

I loved it there! My memories are full of the scents of blueberries that we picked for Mott's pies, cold mornings and warm afternoons, failed sailing missions to Bailey's Island with the West Point Store sub sandwiches loaded with olive oil (they were ahead of their time), climbing Mt. Katahdin and Mt. Washington, rolling the tennis court, dances to Pat Boone and others, cleaning house, writing for the Quipps.

If you have an archive, you'll find me and the Kohn girls, Kitty Stein, Lynne Strasser, Richard Kemper, Marc Older, and others there. Dave Cole, Ward Tracy, Dick, and others were our counselors and keepers!

Seems like ancient history, but when I looked at some of those photos it felt like yesterday. Great to see some of the folks here!

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