Mary Zartman

My Alliquippa Highlights and a Secret Revealed!

* My secret hiding place? There was this rock, a huge one, to the right of the dock, near the beach path I think--it's getting foggier in my mind--anyway, when I wore a dark sweatshirt and put the hood over my head and nestled in the crevice of the rock, nobody ever found me. I hid there for like two or three years of hunts! The hard part was not moving when I was getting bit by mosquitos.

* vacuuming stairs

* playing tennis doubles with Nick and learning how to let him take most of the shots

* sleeping in the bow

* Tim Ullman

* crushes on guys you could ask to dance with & they were so nice I got to dance with them! slow!

* sucking at volleyball but not feeling bad about it

* TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD at the barn for movie night


* greenheads

* digging for clams & getting stranded at Sewall because of the tide

* hitting rocks with the Pintail, was it?

* going on a "survival" trip, feeling the painful & humiliating effects of low blood sugar, eating PB & getting sent home early (my choice) to find out I wasn't dying but I was miserable

* Peggy Peacock singing Joni Mitchell

* Ricka Wolman playing Hall & Oates

* pretending I was an oldtimer because I'd been there two years

* TWO MINUTE showers (with hair washed!)


* feeling embarassed, stupid, loved, rejected, accepted, belonging, weird, teased, talented, and appreciated

* Ted Vogel

* Sydney's blueberry pancakes!!!!!


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