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Photos from Jane Levy Troy's Collection

1950s, from Jane Levy Troy's collection.

Comments, details (names), and memories welcome. Please refer to the photograph number.

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1. Seawall 2. 8/18/52. Ronnie says that's her on the right. (Stamped "Douglas Photo Shop, Bath Maine," with the date the picture was printed, not taken. In most other pictures with dates, that is also true.) 3. The Judy was Judy Kenigson (later Gilbert). 8/18/52 4. 8/18/52 5. Mary Varian. RK:"Mary now lives nearby in Georgetown. She is an accomplished artist, and still sails with her husband."
6. Seawall 7. In the hollow. Can you make out what Junie's reading? 8. The Square House in the background. I'm not sure later generations saw it, as it was VERY old. It's also shown in #10. 9. Mott's friend the professor? 10. Boys coming back from an early stroll. Sadly, the Square House is now gone, replaced by a mansion built with AOL money.
11. 8/18/52 12. Mary Varian, Mott, Franny (or Marnie?) Friedman 13. 8/18/52 14. Ethel Levy, 8/18/52 15. Peggy Goodman, 8/18/52
16. I'm pretty sure she was a friend of Mott's, a professor. I can't remember her name. 17. Dick Lucas 8/20/49 18. Eric Neitzke, 8/13/49. "There should be a picture of Jon here but Jane swiped it! Down with Jane!" (Sally Levy's writing) RK: Eric lives in Florida I believe. 19. Junie Peacock, 7/6/51 20. Freddie Grobel, Larry Peacock
21. Elsa Neitzke and Arthur (7/6/51??) 22. Pierre Pierremont, now sailing Alliquippa II in France. (Courtesy of his nephew Michel, April, 2011) 23. Sally Levy, Sue Gebhart in foreground? 24. Susan Gebhart, 8/18/52 25. Sue Gebhart/Sally Levy, 8/18/52
26. JLT: This may have been before my time, that is, before 1948. RK: Cena O'Brien and Ronnie in foreground on the porch. Cena has been in touch recently and has a place here in Maine. 27. Dan Peacock 28. 7/6/51 29. 7/6/51 30. Elsa Neitzke, now Elsa Martz, lives nearby in Harpswell. She is an excellent photographer and supporter of local projects. (7/6/51)
31. Jim Ferrier (and dad?) 7/6/51 32. Donald, Phyllis Annenberg, 7/6/51 33. Connie Graham, Dave Bernstein, Jem Azrael, Bill, 7/6/51 34. Sally Levy, Judy Kenigson in foreground 35. Small dock, 7/8/47, just before my time
36. Mott 37. A swim meet. I cut myself out--must have been quite a sight. Front: Punky Ives(?), (?), Philip Glass
Back row: Sally Levy, Phyllis Annenberg, Connie Graham, Celia(?), Ronnie Peacock, Carla Furstenberg, Sheppie Glass, Peggie Goodman
38. Sheppie between 2 boys, Punky and Mickey. Mickey still lives and thrives here in Sebasco. Sadly, Punky is no longer with us. 39 40. Again, I'm cut out, but Mott, Larry, and Junie are here and probably everyone, including the non-swimmers.
41. This is stamped Sept. 1945, thus right after the war ended. Before my time at Alliquippa. But the Douglas Photo Shop was in Bath. 42. Swim meet at Sebasco 43. Swim meet at Sebasco 44. Jane Levy and Ronnie Peacock on the Alaric in Portland Maine, 8/27/54. Richard Wolff was with us and took the photo. That was the only trip across Casco Bay in my time at Alliquippa--it was quite an adventure. 45. Sue Gebhart, Peggy Goodman, Franny Friedman? 8/18/52
46. RK: "That is me on the right, I recognize the bathing suit!" 8/18/52

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