Suzanne Massel

Suzanne was at camp in 1977 and every summer thereafter until Alliquippa closed in 1982. Here are a few of the things she recalls most fondly.

*The scent of Cutter and bayberries while hiding in the bushes during Relieve-O

* Splashing the water off the floating dock at night to see phosphorescence

* The sound of the halyards clinking against the masts of the Small Pointers

* Rowing to Westpoint for a gigantic heavenly hash ice cream cone

*Listening to Timmy Ulman tell the story of "Jelly Man" in the Dorm


* Geetle

* Hiking the Presidential range of the White Mountains during an overnight hiking trip

* The sunny, crisp and breezy mornings that followed rainy days

* Seeing the Northern Lights

* Slow dancing to "Stairway to Heaven" and "No Woman No Cry"

* Hiking on the beach with Dick and catching his enthusiasm for birds and driftwood

* Evening activities (Fictionary, Feel Taste and Smell, etc.)

* The fizzy rainbow sherbet ginger ale punch during dance night

* Listening to Pink Floyd in the Vic room

* Hiking to Sewall over Morse Mountain and appeasing the troll under the bridge

* Body surfing at Sewall

* Three-fingered Willy

* Earning an Alliquippa sweatshirt for passing the Skipper's test

* Meeting some of the best friends in my life and collecting more good memories from six summers than many people have in a lifetime

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