Alliquippa in the 1940s (Cont'd)

Also from the collection of Peggy (Peacock) Daly, with notes by Robert Vogel.

Girl facing camera with hands in pockets is Betty Weinbaum, Bennett Weinbaum's sister.

Elderly woman at left is Mrs James Hunt, Mott, Junie, & Dotís mother. Elderly woman at right is someone elseís motherópossibly of Elsa Peacock, who I think may have been Larry Pís cousin, who lived in Hawaii, or possibly Larryís mother (Dan or Ronnie P. would know). The weird kid with hat, behind Mott, Iím afraid is me (Robert Vogel). This would be 1942 or Ď43 Iím pretty sure.

Dan Peacock

Mickey Varian

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