Alliquippa in the 1940s

From the collection of Peggy (Peacock) Daly, with comments from Robert Vogel.


Early campers. Mott is in back row on left. Others unidentified.
RV: I have to wonder who all those folks are; Mott Hunt is obvious, but the others? Could they be campers when Mott ran it as a camp in the very early Thirties? Park School girls plus a few non-student men? The woman at far right, back row is Lucille Lash (known to all as “Madam” Lash), teacher of French at Park. She was a WW-I “War Bride,” beloved by all at the school. Her son Ronnie was a WW-II fighter pilot (I believe), and was killed in the war, to her everlasting grief. Her daughter Marie was a student at Park and perhaps is one of the girls in the photo.

The old Alliquippa.


Mott with her boxer, Maggie.


Alliquippa beach, with Sand Dollar Beach and Goose Rock in background, and Wood Island in distance.

Lunch in front of the Alliquippa. Pictured from left to right are an unidentified cook, Bob Stegman, Dan Peacock, and Robert Vogel.
RV: The boy with his knees clasped is Bennett Weinbaum of Baltimore, but not a Park Schooler—lived in Forest Park, in recent years lives/lived in California. This would be about 1943 or ‘44.

Mott with Vera Vogel

RV: In those days, the danger of excessive sun bathing was not recognized, and Alliquippa women—including Mott herself—engaged in it to excess, usually on "The Rocks" in front of the house. One day a snooty Small Point woman happened by when the rocks were fully occupied by the sunbathers, keeping off the rocks on a variety of mats, blankets, and whatall. She was overhead by someone to sniff over "all those people lying about on filthy pallets!" Well, Alliquippa was nothing if not homey!—pallets, perhaps, but hardly filthy!

Mott and Maggie.


Front row, left to right: Mary Varian, Ronnie Kamphausen, Dan Peacock, Gretchen Vogel, Bobby Vogel, Joe Hagel, and unidentified woman. Middle row: Fred Weiss, Mott, June Peacock, Dot Graham, Ned Vogel, and unidentified woman. Back row: unidentified man and Vera Vogel.

RV: Back row, far left: David Millard (Mallard?), a junior or senior at Friends School. Front row, far right: Margie White, I think of Baltimore but don’t know if a student or anything else about her. Fred Weiss, far left, middle row, was then in an upper class at Park. This photo would have been in 1942, late in the summer, as my parents—both in the photo-- had been counselors that summer at Tripp Lake Camp, a girls’ camp near Poland, Maine, and must have stopped by on their way back to Baltimore. How they got from Tripp Lake to Alliquippa, or from there to Baltimore, I’ve no idea, as they didn’t have a car. Perhaps home on the Maine Central-Boston & Maine’s East Wind, that ran between somewhere up the coast (Bar Harbor?) and NY, stopping in Bath. (The way many Alliquippians got to and from camp during the War years, when auto travel was greatly restricted.)
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