Camp Memories

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(This page is a collection of favorite memories from various former campers. Please email yours, along with photos or whatever else you'd like to include, to  Feel free to arrange them into your own html creation, if you're so inclined.)

Chuck Anderson  ('76-77)
Mark Eisner  ('73-80)
Margie Hamburger  ('68-72,75,78)
Ronnie (Peacock) Kamphausen  ('41-57)
Beth (Peacock) Holcomb  ('60-74)
Jane Levy Troy  ('48-54)
Sally Levy  ('48-54)
Kathy Massel  ('75-78)
Suzanne Massel  ('77-82)
Annie (Cobb) Moore  ('51-55)
Ellen Katz Moore  ('56-58)
Laura Sadovnikoff  ('69-71)
Debbie Gordon Sollinger  ('76-78, '81)
Dick Wallace  (Camp Director '66-82; Mott's assistant '58-65)
Mary Zartman  ('73-76)

(Time for lunch, 1980. Click on photo for full bell schedule.)